It is now possible to become an accredited tagger. Becoming an accredited tagger means you will get preference in the allocation of tags, also that incidental catches during closed seasons will be able to be tagged and you can get additional recognition for being able to tag in deeper waters or smaller fish.

The three steps to becoming an accredited tagger are:

1. Register for the online training modules and complete the modules Fisheries Regulations in Queensland and Introduction to Tagging.
2. Submit a Personal Tagging Plan
3. Submit three photos showing fish that you have tagged with the tag clearly in the photo.

Once a fisher has successfully completed the accreditation a card will be issued confirming accreditation which will be recognised by Queensland Fisheries and allow fish caught as bycatch during closed seasons to be tagged.

PLEASE NOTE: Becoming accredited does not grant access to closed areas such as green zones. Tagging in closed areas requires additional permits from the controlling and are usually only granted for specific projects.